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Making Every Voice Heard

School: Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School

Documentation by Jennifer Hogue

As part of a discussion panel on documentation at the 2004 MLV Summer Institute, Jennifer Hogue, a 9th/10th grade English Literature teacher at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School in Cambridge, presented her account of learning to use documentation to support the learning of older students and her own goal of inviting everyone's voice into the classroom.

Jennifer used documentation throughout a perennial unit she teaches on The Lord of the Flies to build trust, facilitate the sharing of ideas, and ultimately achieve a deeper understanding of the book's content. A transcript from Jennifer's presentation at the Institute and related images from her classroom follows:

"When I first started to use documentation in my classroom, my primary goal was to try to make sure that every voice in the classroom was heard. My first real foray into documenting all these voices culminated in a weekend when I spent at least eight hours going through all of the documentation I had gathered--photographs, quotes, copies of student work, etc.--and, using every ink cartridge, marker, and piece of construction paper I owned, pulled it all together in some lovely posters. I learned a lot of things doing this, but the main thing that I learned was that I wasn't going to spend another weekend like that again in the near future. So I asked myself, "What are some simpler ways that I can try to get at this goal?"

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