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For Children, By Children: The World Trade Center Memorial Park

School: Corlears School, Chelsea, New York City

Documentation by Brigid McGinn, Amy Walter, Barbara Lieberman, and Nancy Opitz

Narrative by Melissa Rivard and Brigid McGinn

"Grown-ups think about grown-ups, so we make a place where kids can think about kids. It is easier for grown-ups to be sad, because they are already grown-up. But children have to go through a lot of changes. We have to grow up and be sad. That is why we made our park." - Rebecca, age 7

In September of 2002, in the wake of the first anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Rebecca, along with nineteen classmates in the combined "6/7s" class from Corlears School in Chelsea, New York City, embarked on a study of playgrounds and parks. The class emerged with a comprehensive design for a memorial for children of the victims--an imaginary place for all children to address their fears and experience some comfort and security in an increasingly frightening world. The teacher of these first and second graders, Amy Walters, did not set out to have the children design a memorial to the World Trade Center. The idea emerged from the children.

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  1. 1. Initial Ideas
  2. 2. Shifting Perspective
  3. 3. Reflecting on Documentation
  4. 4. In The Studio
  5. 5. The Evolution
  6. 6. Final Design
  7. 7. Continued Engagement

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