Making Learning Visible: Understanding, Documenting, and Supporting Individual and Group Learning
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Making Learning Visible 2004: A Map of Our Work

The purpose of this map is to help individuals locate themselves within the collective work of the 2003-05 MLV Seminar.

The Intentionality of the Group

  • Composition of the Group
  • Purpose of the Group

The Development of Group Learners and Learning Groups

  • Group Learning across the Life Span
  • Development of the Learning Group

Culture, Values, and Democracy

  • Cultural Challenges in the U.S. Context
  • Diversity, Equity, and Learning Groups

The Relationship between Individual and Group

  • Choosing Tasks for Groups and Individuals
  • Movement and Balance between Individual and Group
  • Potential Tensions between Community and Learning

How Learning Groups Function

  • Emotional and Aesthetic Dimensions of Group Learning
  • Range of Abilities in the Group
  • Adult Roles in Learning Groups
  • Role of Metacognition and Reflection in Group Learning

Indicators of Understanding

  • Individual Learning in the Group
  • Creating a Collective Body of Knowledge
  • Considering Things and Ideas in Relation

Making Learning Visible

  • Why Document Individual and Group Learning?
  • What and How to Document
  • Who Documents
  • Sharing Documentation

2004 Making Learning Visible Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

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