Making Learning Visible: Understanding, Documenting, and Supporting Individual and Group Learning
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Looking at Documentation Protocol #2

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[Allow approximately 25 minutes for each piece of documentation.]

  1. Documenter(s) say which two of the three areas in #3 below they would most like feedback on. (1 min.)
  2. Documenter(s) shows documentation to the group without providing a verbal introduction of any kind. The group looks at the documentation without talking. (5-7 mins.)
  3. The group offers feedback on the two areas of greatest interest to the documenter(s) while the documenter(s) remain silent. (10 mins.)
    • Focus on Learning

      In what ways does the documentation focus on learning, not just something "we did"?

      How does it make visible the learning process as well as product?

      How might it promote conversation or deepen understanding about some aspect of learning?

    • Interpretation and Support for Interpretation

      What interpretation by teachers or students does the documentation include?

      What evidence for this or other interpretations does the documentation provide?

    • The Viewer's Experience

      Is the viewer learning what he or she needs to know in order to follow the account of learning represented in the documentation?

      Do the visual components add to or detract from the viewer's experience?

  4. Documenter shares a last thought and responds to the question, "Am I clear about what to work on? If so, what is it? If not, what will I do to get clear?" (3-5 mins.)
  5. Group thanks documenter(s) for bringing their work. (1 min.)
  6. Group reflects on usefulness of the protocol. (2 mins.)

2005 Making Learning Visible Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

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