Making Learning Visible: Understanding, Documenting, and Supporting Individual and Group Learning
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Choosing a Question The Choosing a Question Protocol is designed to be used by a small group of teachers. The protocol is one way to go about identifying a question about individual and group learning to guide your individual and collective documentation.

Looking at Documentation #1 is a short protocol designed to be used early on in the documentation process. This protocol can be helpful for looking at and critiquing documentation to be shared back with students, colleagues, and others.

Looking at Documentation #2 is a relatively quick protocol designed for teachers who are interested in creating documentation to be shared back with students, colleagues, and others either during or after a learning experience. This protocol follows the Looking at Documentation Protocol #1 and is probably best used for documenters who are at least midway through the process.

Modified Collaborative Assessment Conference The Modified Collaborative Assessment Conference (MCAC) Protocol is based on the Collaborative Assessment Conference (CAC) developed in 1988 by Steve Seidel and colleagues at Project Zero. The purpose of the protocol is to provide opportunities for teachers to examine and discuss pieces of documentation in a nonjudgmental, structured conversation. This protocol is a bit longer than the Looking at Documentation protocols.

MLV and LASW: What's the Relationship? presents a brief discussion of some of the similarities and differences between Making Learning Visible and an approach to collaborative teacher inquiry known as Looking at Student Work.

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