Making Learning Visible: Understanding, Documenting, and Supporting Individual and Group Learning
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Overview: Accomplishments

In addition to the findings from our early work (described above), other accomplishments and results from the first phases of research include:

  • A set of publications including two books and several journal articles.

  • Numerous presentations and workshops to share our ideas with a range of educational audiences.

  • Courses and mini courses for in-service and pre-service teachers (e.g., at the Project Zero Summer Institute and Webster University in St. Louis).

  • Growing media coverage including articles on or citing MLV work in the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, the Harvard Gazette, Nickelodeon Parents Magazine, and Teachers Magazine.

  • An ongoing cross-cultural collaboration between two organizations which combine 70 years of research, practice, and advocacy on behalf of children.

  • The establishment of a cadre of pre-K-8 "educational translators" who have extended ideas based in Reggio classrooms to the American context and work with older students.

  • The development of a group learning perspective, including:

    • a conceptual framework for understanding and supporting individual and group learning

    • seven propositions about how learning groups in early childhood form, function, and demonstrate understanding

    • numerous examples of documentation, including vivid images and prose, of individuals learning in groups, many in the form of mini-stories or visual essays

    • an examination of the role of adults (teachers and parents) in learning groups as documenters of children's learning processes and as learners themselves

    • the identification of cultural knots—assumptions, values, and beliefs that frame our understandings and images of individuals learning in groups—which can become barriers to the creation of learning groups.

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