Making Learning Visible: Understanding, Documenting, and Supporting Individual and Group Learning
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Phase III

Expanding the Research and the Reach--2002-2005

The third phase of the Making Learning Visible Project (2003 - 2005) expanded the research and reach of our work through a Making Learning Visible Seminar held monthly at Project Zero. The goal of the MLV Seminar was to understand, document, and support individual and group learning in pre-k-12 U.S. schools in Massachusetts. Twenty-six teachers of students from culturally and economically diverse backgrounds explored ways of creating more powerful group learning experiences for their students, using documentation to re-examine, reflect back, and further their students' and their own learning. We also partnered with several teacher educators and found meaningful ways to incorporate group learning and documentation into the pre-service and in-service curriculum.

We are currently working to produce and publish new materials based on the work of our Phase III Seminar members. Some of this work can also be seen in the Documentation Examples section of this site. See:

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