Making Learning Visible: Understanding, Documenting, and Supporting Individual and Group Learning
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A Taste of Making Learning Visible

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  • Read a chapter in Making Learning Visible or Making Teaching Visible or a related article and hold a discussion with teachers and parents
  • Share a visual essay with your class and facilitate a conversation about the strengths and challenges of learning in groups. Document the conversation and post it in the room. Use this as a common reference point throughout the year.
  • Facilitate a conversation or set of conversations about the visibility of learning


  • Make students' and teachers' learning process visible in current displays or presentations of student work (e.g., science fairs, plays, art exhibits, etc.)
  • Link up with (or identify) a common and overarching understanding goal or theme for the school and discuss how all teachers can make connections between it and the age group or subject matter they teach
  • Look at what is going on in your local community (or explore relationships your school already has with the community) and see if you can build connections to your curriculum
  • Consider the idea of teachers and students working together to make visible and facilitate conversations around individual and group learning at your school


  • Pair interested teachers to document individual and group learning in their classrooms and share with other faculty, parents, or students
  • Hold an exhibition of student and teacher learning processes and products at your school to which you invite the general public and one other school
  • Put documentation on the walls, into print form, or on the school website to share with the school community and prospective students and their parents


  • Hold an exhibition of student and teacher learning processes and products at your local library, museum, community center, or town hall and facilitate a panel discussion about it
  • Share documentation from the previous year with incoming students, parents, and new teachers as a way of communicating about school culture and values

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How Does Your Garden Grow? is a reflection through documentation on both student learning and teacher learning. Teachers reflect upon using the knowledge gained through documentation to impact teaching in the subsequent year.

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