Documentation Examples

Documentation Exhibition

This "Documentation Exhibition" contains fifteen examples of documentation of student and teacher learning contributed by educators involved in the Making Learning Visible Project, a Project Zero/District-Charter Collaboration. MLV educators from preschool through high school spent several months engaged in supporting and making individual and group learning visible in their classrooms and schools. As with the other documentation examples on this site, we hope the pieces shared here will stimulate conversations and questions about what makes for powerful teaching and learning at all levels, and suggest new ideas about using documentation to support and extend learning in a variety of settings.

Note: there are no details beyond a photograph and general description for some of the pieces that appeared in the exhibition and they are marked accordingly. Additionally, we hope to eventually add a comments feature so that viewers can share their perspectives, related experiences and questions the work raises. For many of the teachers whose work is featured here, their inquiries are ongoing. So seeing viewers' responses would be of great value. We hope you will visit this section of the site again soon?and often.

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